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        1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--1010 CL Rotary Scale Clamp Meter ACA: 1000A / ACV: 750V

          1010 CL   Clamp Meters
          Rotary Scale Clamp Meter  
          ACA: 1000A / ACV: 750V  
          1010 CL
           Designed for measuring AC current, AC voltage, resistance
           Rotary scale which presents only one scale in windows at one time to avoid any possible reading errors.
           Pointer lock function freezes the reading in dimly lit or hard to reach places.
           Ohm range ideal for checking the continuity of relays, transformers and motor coils.
           TAUT BAND movement (1010 CL)
          特 點
          ● 可量測交流電壓(ACV)交流電流(ACA)和電阻值(Ω)。
          ● ST-375可作量測直流電壓(DCV)。
          ● 採用旋轉式刻度板。
          ● 指針鎖定推扭設計,方便識讀。
          ● 1010 CL採用吊線式高品質防震表頭。

          規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
          AC A 10 / 30 / 100 / 300 / 1000A
          ±3% of F.S.(50/60Hz)
          AC V 150 / 300 / 750V
          ±3% of F.S.
          DC V ──
          ±3% of Scale length
          50 / 60Hz for ACA 10A
          50-400Hz for ACA
          30 / 100 / 300 / 1000A
          Dimensions 227(L) × 73(W) × 33(D)mm
          Conductor size 52mm Max.
          (battery Included)
          Approx. 460g
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