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        1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--1107 IM Audio Impedance Tester

          1107 IM   Audio Impedance Tester
          1107 IM
           Large LCD display 68 x 34 mm (1.338" x 2.677")
           True measurement of speaker systems actual impedance at 1kHz
           Three test ranges allow testing of home theatre and commercial sound systems
           Measures transformer impedances
           Battery operation
           Low battery indication
           Data hold function
           0 Ohm adjustment
           EN 61010-1 CAT III 200V, EN 61326-1, EN 61326-2-1, EN 61326-2-2
           It is recommended a drawing be first made of speaker system to verify proper installation
           Take care to ensure that the system is not connected to the amplifier
           Ensure the system under test is not live
           Check batery, of sysmbol appears on the display, replace with new batteries
           Short the tips of the leads, adjust the "0 Ohm ADJ", control to set the reading of zero
           Connect test leads to speaker or speaker leads. Note : Speakers may be connected together either in series or parallel to achieve desired final impedance
           Rotate the function switch to a suitable range then press the push button to test and take the reading
          Measuring Ranges 0-200 Ohm/ 0-2k Ohm/0-20k Ohm
          Test Frequency 1k Hz
          Accuracy 200 Ohm/2k Ohm : +/- 2% rdg +/- 2 dgt
          20K Ohm/2k Ohm : +/- 3% rdg +/- 2 dgt
          Low Battery Indication Symbol appears on the display
          Data Hold Indication Symbol appears on the display
          Display LCD 3-1/2 digit (2000 counts)
          Dimensions 175 (L) x 85 (W) x 75 (D) mm
          Weight Approx. 600g (battery included)
          Power Source 1.5V SUM-3 (AA) x 8 or equivalent
          Accessores Test leads, carrying case, instruction manual, batteries
          特 點
          ● 寬廣型的液晶顯示器(68 x 34mm)。
          ● 操作頻率為1KHz。
          ● 三檔量測檔位,適合家庭劇院和商業音響系統的測試。
          ● 可以量測變壓器的內阻。
          ● 使用乾電池提供電源。
          ● 低電源顯示設計。
          ● 讀值鎖定功能。
          ● 0Ω歸零調整設計。
          規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
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