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  • 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--2108 EL AC/DC Leakage Meter

    2108 EL   AC/DC Leakage Meter
    2108 EL
     High quality Taut Band movement.
     Four functions : DC current, AC current, AC+DC current and ACV measurement.
     Three input resistance ranges : 1K Ohm, 1.5K Ohm and 2K Ohm.
     200uA full scale value.
     +/-2.5% full scale value accuracy.
     Built-in overload protection circuit.
     Robust, compact and easy to carry.
     Meets : CAT. III 600V,
     The 2108 EL is a handy universal tester for checking electrical appliances.
     It's used for:
     Motor operated appliances : washing machine, electrical pump, lawn mower, refrigerator, electric drill, electric fan, vending machine.
     Electrothermal appliances : toaster, electric stove, electric curling iron, hair dryer.
     Electronic appliances : projector, duplicator and photographic enlarger.
     Other appliances : portable generator, burglar alarm, medical and dental equipment.
    DC Current 0.1-1-10 mA
    AC Current 0.1-1-10 mA
    AC+DC Current 0.1-1-10 mA
    AC Voltage 150 - 300V (50/60 Hz)
    Accuracy +/- 2.5% of full scale value
    Current Ranges 1K Ohm, 1.5K Ohm and 2K Ohm
    Voltage Ranges 150V/500K Ohm, 300V/1M Ohm
    Working Frequency 20 Hz ~ 5k Hz
    Overload Protection With stands 30mA AC for 10 minutes for each current measuring rang
    Operating Temperature 0 degree C ~ 50 degree C
    Operating Humidity Max. 80% R.H.
    Dimensions 210 (L) x 210 (W) x 100 (D) mm
    Weight Approx. 1395g (battery included)
    Power Source 1.5V (AA) x 8 or equivalent
    Accessories Test leads (AL-25), Instruction Manual, Batteries
    特 點
    ● 使用高品質的吊線式防震表頭。
    ● 輸入內阻三種檔位:1kΩ/1.5kΩ/2kΩ ˙內建過載保護。
    ● 外盒堅固,方便收納。
    ● 量測電源大小設計。
    ● 符合安規:CATⅢ 600V
    規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
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