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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--285 HD High Voltage Testers
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        285 HD   High Voltage Testers
        H.V. Detector  
        285 HD
         Three different ranges of identification of AC voltage :
         285-A HID : 3 ~ 7kV
         285-B HD : 6.6 ~ 11kV
         285-C HD : 10 ~ 22kV
         The LCD will "flash continuously" for high voltage testing.
         Physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary when testing for live wires.
         The 285 HD senses the radiated field that surrounds live conductors.
         Radiated field strength increases with voltage and decreases quickly with distance.
         Large LCD display.
         Continuous monitoring.
         Easy to install.
         No batteries required.
         Weight : Approx. 80g
         Meets , , ,
         285 HD High Voltage Detector is primary used to detect the presence of an alternating field. It shows identification of AC voltages.
         The 285 HD has a large LCD that is housed in an ABS enclosure. 285 HD can be attached to the cable by a large metal clip and can be secured with a cable tie. The high voltage detector senses the radiated magnetic field surrounding the cable and shows a LIVE warning sign on the LCD.
         Identify and check live cables.
         Check live wires at high voltage.
        特 點
        ● 不需要電池或其他電源。
        ● 一亮一滅閃爍警示,容易警覺。.
        ● 文字清晰明顯,識別迅速。
        ● 表面標示電壓適用範圍,可概知電壓大小。
        ● 安裝容易,嵌在絕緣電線的外被或裸線、銅板上即可,不需要另外配線。
        ● 採用密封式,可使用於室內和室外。
        規 格

        ● 應用型號: 
        285-A HD:3~7kV
        285-B HD:6.6~11kV
        285-C HD:10~22kV
        ● 材質:殼為ABS防火材料
        ● 尺寸:100(長) x 60(寬) x 21(高)mm -表體本身
        100(長) x 60(寬) x 65(高)mm -含夾線夾
        ● 重量:約116公克用途

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