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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--4137 mO Low Resistance Ohm Testers
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        4137 mO   Low Resistance Ohm Testers
        4137 mO
         Four terminal measurement.
         Measures down to 100u Ohm.
         5 Ranges from 200.0M Ohm to 2000 Ohm.
         Maximum resolutio of 100u Ohm.
         Three test current with over-temperature protection.
         Protection against inadvertent connection to over-voltage.
         Large LCD.
         Potential lead resistance, current lead resistance checks.
         "Full-Featured" EnerSave (tm) indide.
         EnerSave (tm) Auto-Hold.
         EnerSave (tm) Auto-Off.
         Lightwight, robust & compact.
         Indicators show if reading may be invalid (Rp, Rc, and temperature).
         "O-Ring" sealed case.
         Future optional rechargeable battery.
         , EN 61326-1, EN 61326-2-1, EN 61326-2-2, CISPR II, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3
        Measuring Ranges 0-200.0M Ohm in steps of 100u Ohm
        0-2000M Ohm in steps of 1M Ohm
        0-20.00 Ohm in steps of 10M Ohm
        0-200.0 Ohm in steps of 100M Ohm
        0-2000 Ohm in steps of 1 Ohm
        Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading +/- 2 digits over the operating temperature range, -15 degree C to +55 degree C with the supplied test leads
        Test Current 1mA => 2000 Ohm range
        10mA => 200/20 Ohm ranges
        100mA => 2000/200M Ohm ranges
        Test Current Accuracy +/- 0.1%
        Power Source 12 VDC
        Protection Fuses Mains = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN
        Current = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN
        Voltage = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN
        Maximum Output Voltage (C1-C2) 20V
        Dimensions 205(L) x 190(W) x 110(D)mm
        Weight Appox. 1500g
        Accessories Test leads
        Shoulder belt (BET-2800)
        Instruction manual, batteries 1.5V (AA) x 8
        特 點
        ● 使用電池:12V直流電 (1.5V AA×8)
        ● 使用四個端點量測。
        ● Z低可量測至100uΩ
        ● 量測檔位從200.0mΩ到2000Ω共五檔。
        ● 過溫保護設計。
        ● 過壓保護設計。
        ● 使用寬廣型液晶顯示器,容易識讀。
        ● 電源耗電微小。
        ● 自動讀值鎖定設計。
        ● 自動關機。
        ● 通過歐洲安全規範驗証:
        EN 61010-1 CAT Ⅳ 20V
        EN 61326 -1
        規 格 (23°C±5°C <80%R.H.)
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