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        1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--6410 DM Digital Multimeters

          6410 DM   Multimeters
          Digital Multimeters  
          6410 DM
           3000-count LCD with a maximum dispaly of 2999.
           An angled-dispaly design helps the user to identify the reading of value easier.
           AC/DC voltage, current auto scanning.
           Resistance, Diode, Capacitance auto detection.
           Auto-ranging designed.
           Ranging change function.
           Continuity check.
           Data Hold Function.
           Low battery detection.
           Over range indication.
           Fuse protection.
           Hook design included makes it easy to use no matter for standing or hanging purpose.
           Meets CAT III 600V.
           , -2-1, -2-2
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          特 點
          規 格
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