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    1. 台湾标准电机SEW仪器仪表--LVD-17 Low Voltage Detector
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        LVD-17   Low Voltage Detector
         Designed for non-contact voltage detection.
         Microprocessor controlled smart voltage detector.
         Bright LED and audile alarm sound when voltage is resent.
         Sensitivity adjustable with a thumb wheel.
         Adjustable for use on power wiring plus lighting, thermostats and other low voltage circuits.
         LED indication for battery condition.
         The LVD-17 adjustable non-contact voltage dectector is intended to check for the presence of AC voltage, signaling the user with an intermittent tone and a flashing LED. The LED flashes peridically to check the battery status.
         The LVD-17 adjustable non-contact low voltage detector is used to detect voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires and cables or to find a break in a wire.
        Voltage Detection 5V ~ 1000V AC
        Frequency 50 ~ 500 Hz
        Measurement Category CAT IV 1000V
        Indication LED ant Tone
        Operating Conditions Temperature: 0 degree C to 40 degree C
        Humidity: Less than 80% R.H.
        Altitude: 2000m (6500 feet) maximum
        Usage For indoor use only.
        Pollution Degree 2
        Dimensions 142(L) x 28(W) x 27(D) mm
        Weight Approx. 39g (batteries included)
        Power Supply 1.5V AAA battery x 1
        特 點
        ● 採用微處理器控制系統設計。
        ● 採用非接觸式(即感應式)設計,保障使用者人身安 全。
        ● 當偵測到交流電壓時,以LED的閃爍和聲音,來表 示交流電壓存在。
        ● 偵測感度可由實際需要來調整。
        ● 可以判別火線(Line)和接地線(Neutral)。
        ● :
        CATⅢ 600V
        規 格
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